Saturday, 31 January 2009

Shirley Hughes

Every night our Mummy reads us a bedtime story. Since we were very little we loved books. Jasmine's favorite book is "Annie-Rose is my Little Sister" for it reminds her so much of Rosie, who is very naughty indeed.
The book is by Shirley Hughes, who has won many awards for her children's books, even an OBE! She is 82 now. Two years ago she was even asked to design a Christmas card for the Prime minister Gordon Brown to send to his friends. How cool is that!?

"The stories and pictures we take to our hearts as children remain with us always."
~ Shirley Hughes

Our Cats

We have two cats. Bubbles and Fluffy. Bubbles is black. He is strong and abit grumpy . Fluffy is very shy. Fluffy loves cuddles and he sleeps beside the radiator. Bubbles likes to sleep on Rosie's bed! Our cats were strays that someone left in a box in the park near our house.

Bubbles and Fluffy, By Rosie

Horse Riding

Every Monday I go horseriding. My horses name is Paddywack. Here he is playing with a rabbit. Horse riding is my favorite thing to do. My big sister Jasmine comes to watch but she doesnt like the smell! I don't mind. I love animals and bad smells dont bother me at all!

By Rosie

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Guess How Much I Love You

When we were babies our Mummy read us this little book over and over.
It's called "guess how much I love you"

She even painted some pictures from it to put on our bedroom walls.

The author, Sam McBratney is the Daddy of one of my Mummy's friends. He is from Belfast.
We love this book
'cos we know our Mummy loves us very much too... "even up to the stars and back".

Icecream In China

By Jasmine

Since I was very little I loved things from China. My bed room is full of everything Chinese. Maybe it's 'cos I love Mulan.

But maybe its 'cos my Mummy likes Chinese things too. She called me Jasmine 'cos her favorite tea from China is Jasmine tea. I like it too. My favorite food is rice : )

Self Portrait

by Rosie

Monday, 5 January 2009


We are two little girls who love to draw ~

Our Mummy decided that since we draw so much and all the time and the house is getting overflowed with drawings that she would put the drawings on the web so they would be there for a very long time, instead of all over our house! We hope you too will keep your house tidier by sharing lots of your drawings so that children from all over the world can share pictures with each other.

We love icecream ~ By Jasmine & Rosie