Friday, 24 April 2009

Little Jimmy Goose gets Lost

One sunny Spring day~ Jemima Mother Goose went walking down by the river with little Jimmy goose.

Little Jimmy Goose was quite merry and he sang loudly at the top of his voice.
He was looking forward to a splash and a paddle in the gently flowing river.

Little Jimmy Goose had had five wriggly fat worms in his tummy for breakfast that day.
He toddled along beside Jemima Mother Goose.

But down by the river, the reeds were very tall.
Jemima Mother Goose was very tall too and she could see well beyond the reeds to the gently flowing river.

Jemima Mother Goose was looking forward to her early morning swim.

But Little Jimmy Goose was very little.
The reeds seemed like huge trees to him and he couldnt see above them at all.

In fact it was quite dark down at the bottom of the reeds where little Jimmy Goose was and little Jimmy quickly lost sight of Jemima Mother Goose...

The reeds got darker and darker. Little Jimmy Goose began to get scared. He couldn't see Jemima Mother Goose at all!

The reeds rustled and moved. Little Jimmy Goose was very, very, very scared.

Then he saw a terrible sight. The terrible sight of Mr Furry Fox!

Mr Furry Fox looked at him with his beady eyes. His sharp foxy teeth gleamed in the darkness of the reeds...

Jemima Mother Goose had warned Little Jimmy Goose that Mr Furry Fox often hid in the dark reeds looking for baby geese to eat.

Little Jimmy Goose shivered and shook in fear. "Oh where is my Mummy?" he thought.

But Little Jimmy's Mummy, Jemima Mother Goose, was very tall. Her head was high above the reeds where Little Jimmy Goose was lost. She had spotted Mr Furry Fox with his gleaming foxy teeth. And she was very worried about Little Jimmy Goose.

She quickly called "Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy ~ Mummy is here! Mummy is here!"

Little Jimmy heard Jemima Mother Goose's voice in the dark reeds. He toddled as quickly as he could towards her.

He saw her big yellow feet and looked up and there she was.

Jemima Mother Goose's head reached down to him through the dark reeds.

"There you are Little Jimmy !" she said. "I was sure that Furry Fox had eaten you."

Little Jimmy was so happy to see Jemima Mother Goose.

He didnt wander off ever again in the reeds. And so off they went together, to the gently flowing river for their morning swim.

Nobody has a right to make us a slave

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Colin Loves Coco

Mummy has just discovered a wonderful new webpage for us called the "wonky button" and a cute cat called Colin! The Artists' name is Leigh Hodgkinson and she takes Colin all around the world with her~ what a lucky cat he is! You can follow his travels on his blog ~ "Colin around the world"

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

We are all born free

Tonight Jasmine is reading a beautifully illustrated book based on the United Nations Declaration for Human Rights called " We are all born Free"
The book features the work of acclaimed artists and illustrators John Burningham, Korky Paul, Polly Dunbar, Satoshi Kitamura, Jane Ray and Axel Scheffler amongst others.

Little House on The Prairie

My favorite DVD is "Little House on The Prairie" ~ funnily it was also Mummy's favorite book when she was growing up.

For each birthday I get the next series. I like history alot and this is why I love this series so much.

See A little clip of it here ~ "Little House on the Prairie"

Children Of the World

When Mummy was a baby ...

Sunny Days

Its me ~ by Jasmine

Little Miss cakes

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Thursday, 9 April 2009

How to catch a Star By Oliver Jeffers

"Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much...
every night he watched from his bedroom window and wished he had one of his own. He dreamed of how this star would be his friend and how they would play together. One day, he decided he would try to catch a star of his very own..."

This is a magical story about reaching for your dreams by Oliver Jeffers. I suppose its even more special as he comes from our home town Belfast.

Going Shopping

Easter Brownies

We made these goey sticky brownies today ! They were YUM!

Monday, 6 April 2009